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Certified Pool Repair

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Backyard Pool & Spa Repair Inc

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Swimming Pool Equipment Repair

Trust us to correctly diagnose and repair even the most complicated obstacles. If it breaks, we can repair it. Swimming pool repair services include pumps, filters, heaters, lights, and blowers. As a warranty partner, we can also get any faulty equipment exchanged within the warranty period, and or discuss how we can fix what you have.

Keep Your Swimming Pool & Spa Pristine

Keeping your backyard paradise clean and chemically balanced is what we do. Enjoy your swimming pool and spa and leave the work to us, including pool equipment repair and automation.


  • Certified Pool Operators
  • Certified Repair Technicians
  • Comprehensively Insured
  • Extended Warranty Partner with Manufacturers

About Backyard Pool & Spa Repair Inc

Backyard Pool & Spa Repair Inc is a dedicated service company that specializes in pool equipment repairs, maintenance, chemical, and customer-oriented services. With a variety of experienced specialists at hand, our service is guaranteed no matter the issue.Backyard Pool & Spa Repair Inc offers a season-round maintenance service that assesses, analyzes and procedures all the necessary developments at affordable, pool-specific rates.

Ranging from traditional backyard pools to upscale setting, our experience explores all options carefully and develops each pool individually and thoroughly. Every technician in Backyard Pools mandates efficiency and speed of service; specializing in any form of equipment varying from heaters, pumps, filters and including featured items such as timers and scheduling.

Backyard Pool & Spa Repair Inc also takes part in SPP’s, “At Your Service” program, committing dependability and quality.

Swim Clean & Pristine

Our customer-focused specialists and satisfaction guarantee means we are the only pool professionals you will ever need. Request an estimate today!